Main course (the price quoted includes the dessert).



(The price quoted for each meal includes a dessert)

Slow cooked steak and kidney with a shortcrust pastry topping, with seasonal greens and roasted potatoes. £17.50

Slow roasted boned and rolled breast of lamb with rosemary and redcurrant jus, seasonal greens and roasted potatoes. £19.50 (based on two people sharing)

Provence style chicken, oven roasted with sliced potatoes, butter, garlic and herbs with a salad. £17.50 (based on two people sharing)

Poached Scottish salmon with a parmesan mushroom and cream crust with Mediterranean vegetables or salad. £17.50

Pan fried fillet of Sea Bass with a white wine and parsley sauce, seasonal greens and mashed potato. £19.50

Three bean chilli with avacado salsa. £17.50

Spanish bake, oven cooked, sliced potatoes, vegetables and chickpeas in a mildly spiced tomato and 
herb sauce. £17.50


Canterbury tart – Cooked apple in a lemon custard filling lined with a pastry case served with cream.